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Independent and Collaborative

Halcyon Therapy believes in therapy at it's best.  We encourage and support each of our providers to grow independently to build a practice that fits their vision.  

Halcyon Therapy is a collective of private practice therapists who share space and team up to provide optimal client care.  Each therapist is an independent private practice provider who specializes in different skills and interests.  

At Halcyon your therapist has the choice to select the insurances they take, the prices they set, the hours they work, and the services they offer.  

You may ask what does this mean to me?  As a client, you will have a therapist that fits your own needs.  You aren't seeing a "one size fits all" person.  Your therapist is able to specialize and select their own caseload and to ensure that the clients they work with are well suited to the services they offer.  You also will have a therapist who isn't required to have a specific level of "productivity".  Your therapist is less likely to be overbooked or overwhelmed.  We also work with many other providers in the community, and sincerely believe that if we can't provide the services you need, we will do our best to give you a recommendation for a provider that we believe will be a good fit.  

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If you are interested in sharing space with the Halcyon team, fill out your interest form below.

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