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Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Supreme-court approved mediator, conciliator, and Case Manager
ICF-certified professional life coach, and coach trainer, Board Certified Coach
When life is difficult or conflicted, you may need a therapist or dispute resolution professional who is compassionate, as well as assertive and well-trained.
She is very experienced at EAP work. Most insurances are accepted.

Jeanne specializes in helping individuals and families find healing when faced with complex family problems like illness or loss. She also works extensively with diverse adults with low self esteem, depression, and anxiety. Her treatment emphasis is on integration of the electrical, biochemical, nutritional, and physiological systems in the body to create healing of the mind and heart.

Children between ages 3 and 18 enjoy working with her to recover from trauma, depression, and manage ADHD. She has toys to make the experience more enjoyable. She works with both parents in a divorce situation to get balanced information, and also to coordinate child healing.

She provides expert family, child custody, estate, farmer-lender, and real estate alternative dispute resolution services. She also mentors and trains
other ADR professionals.

As a professional coach since 2002, a coach trainer since 2010, and a faculty advisor for PhD students working on coaching research, her coaching methods are tailored to the client's unique needs. She coaches leaders, work groups, and provides workshops about stress reduction and conflict management.

She is in the office usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Reach her online at
To reach her voice mail, please phone 316-776-2317
Her fax number is 833-377-0520

Jeanne: The Clinic
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